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An epic multiplayer Tetris! Get to the top of the leaderboard by placing blocks. It's possible to place blocks that leave gaps that no other block can fill. Doing so is seen as making a mistake and will reset your score to zero. Any cells placed by you will be taken over by the server. Once a line of cells completely crosses the grid horizontally, the cells will be destroyed and points will be distributed to the owning players. The player who cleared the line will also gain bonus points. It's possible to clear lines while leaving gaps that no other block can fill. Rather than causing a mistake, these gaps will be filled by the server. You can forcefully drop your block by pressing the SPACEBAR. This is called stomping. Once you have initiated a stomp, you no longer have control over your block. However, landing a stomp will double the number of points received for placing a block. If you land on another player's falling block, they will be forced to stomp, and your block will stop dropping. Mobile: swipe up. Sometimes gaps are unreachable, but they would fit your block if you could get to them. You can phase shift by holding the down arrow once your block has landed above your intended destination. Mobile: long tap once landed. You can steal a group of other players' cells by wrapping them in your own. Each cell owned by you contributes to your score, so it doesn't seem like a bad idea to steal other players' cells when you can, right? Use the ARROWS to move the blocks.


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